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The general conditions of use (hereinafter "CGU") list the terms and conditions applicable to the website current and / or future of Arcos de Graba. Therefore, if the terms detailed in these Terms of Service are not conformity, please do not browse this page.

Information contained on this page is purely informational so, unless otherwise stated, is not an invitation to contract and in no way constitutes a binding offer.

They are treated as "clients" (s) of person (s) physical (s) or entity (s) flying and / or given (n) high in and accept (n) expressly these Terms and Policy on data protection (collectively, the "Agreement").


The terms and conditions set out in these Terms may vary, so we invite you to review these terms each time you visit continue to apply the latest version of the same. Therefore, when modifying the CGU, that fact will be announced on the web. Unless the customer chooses to unsubscribe, means that you accept the new CGU no possible claim under any circumstances due to changing them. In any event, you will always be free to unsubscribe at any time upon request. As needed consent, express consent or knowledge of the CGU changes will be introduced in a previous notice. If Customer chooses not to accept the contents of the notice, Arcos de Graba reserves the right to terminate the Customer.

In order that the Customer can know what is the latest version of the CGU, the head of the same shall specify the date of the last modification.


Customer is required to be:
• Complete the Customer Registration Form. In this form, the client must provide all information required is marked as: (i) for individuals (name, e-mail address and NIF), and (ii) for legal persons (name, CIF and name, e-mail address and tax identification number of a proxy). Not able to register more than one attorney for legal person.
• Accept the Contract, including the acceptance of the following sections: Privacy Policy - OK, if applicable, the Special Conditions, as required;
• Validate the email address entered in the Customer Form. To perform this validation will be sent to that e-mail the information to confirm the ownership of the email account. Customer shall verify receipt of the validation email sent. Not be considered complete the registration process Client Client while not complete verification of your email. If not completed for any reason the registration process by the Customer, Arcos de Record reserves the right to refer to two communications to Customer during the term of 30 days to remind the need to confirm the validation email to complete the registration process. After 30 days from the start date of the registration process without the customer has confirmed the validation email sent by Arcos de Graba, clears the Customer Registration Form. Failure to complete the registration process does not preclude a new completion of the form by the Customer with the same data whenever this is possible. Customer may not claim any rights or seniority reserves derived from discharge process not completed.
After validating the e-mail address provided by the Customer shall be sent to the address of the Customer usual passwords to private area. On first access the private area, invite the client to change their passwords for security.

By accepting the Agreement, you confirm to be of age and be legally able to hire as well as having sufficient authority to legally bind a company or corporation, if acting on behalf of it.

The Customer expressly accepts that Arcos de Graba retain a copy of the Contract accepted by it in their servers.


Access to other websites that we believe may be of interest to their clients. The purpose of these links is easier to find on the Internet of resources that may be of interest, not to be understood as an invitation or suggestion to visit. However, these pages may belong to third parties so that in this case, there is a review of its contents and therefore not responsible for the same, the operation of the linked site, its content or demonstrations or for any damages that may result from the access or use thereof.

In any case, Arcos de Graba offers its Clients address so they can communicate their complaints or suggestions regarding the suitability, appropriateness or relevance of the links to / from these pages.


Arcos de Graba SL manifested the utmost respect and gives decisive importance to the protection of customer data. They scrupulously respect the decisions of their customers on the use and dissemination of data, such decisions being responsible. It complies with the Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data and any other regulations on the subject, and keeps the Privacy Policy on Personal Data, establishing mainly use made of personal data, we inform the Client of the circumstances essential detail of such use of the security measures that apply to their personal data, to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing them.


Arcos de Graba reserves the right to make changes without notice, in order to update, amend, modify, add or delete content or design.


The Customer undertakes to use the website that according to the terms stated in these Terms and the mere use of them implies acceptance of the provisions thereof. Customer will act against the image, good name or reputation of Arcos de Graba or causes damage, be responsible for their actions.

Likewise, the Customer will be responsible for the lack of authorization or sufficient powers to act on behalf of a third party and the consequences resulting therefrom. Also be liable for failure to provide truthful, accurate or appropriate.

The Customer shall be responsible for unauthorized or fraudulent designs, logos, copyright, software or content Likewise the Customer is responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses for the dissemination, reproduction or use of any material that can be protected by intellectual property laws.


Arcos de Graba facilitated by access to certain financial information. Therefore not liable under any circumstances for damages of any kind (including, without limitation, consequential damages, lost profits, business interruption, loss of information or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the information obtained through


Arcos de Graba and all content, software, design, documentation and / or information contained therein is protected by intellectual property rights owned by Arcos de Graba or other companies with which it has signed the relevant contracts. The Customer shall not commit or permit any act or omission that could affect intellectual property rights of Arcos de Graba or third parties with respect to the design, content, software, documentation and / or information and notify any potential infringement to Arcos de Graba their rights immediately on learning of it, being Arcos de Graba or third parties concerned the only beneficiaries of any compensation to be granted under any procedure.

Customer may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble all or part of the software that supports, being strictly forbidden any form of access to the source code of the same if not authorized in advance by Arcos de Graba.

The Customer shall not delete, modify or alter in any way the subject mentions of intellectual property rights in favor of Arcos de Graba appearing on or its contents, information, documentation or software that supports it . The use of software, information, documentation and / or content developed by Arcos de GRaba or third party in a contractual relationship with them, is only allowed with the scope and limits of these Terms.

Arcos de Graba declares its respect for the rights of intellectual property of others, which is why, if you believe that this site could be violating your rights, please contact Arcos de Graba at the following address


The Customer shall not use any trademark, logo or trade name of Arcos de Graba if without the prior consent. Customer acknowledges that the use of meanwhile not confer any rights to trademarks or other intellectual property rights of Arcos de Graba.

The Customer shall not delete, modify or alter in any way the subject mentions of industrial property rights in favor of Arcos de Graba appearing in and software that supports, among others, the name, logo or trademark identifying the latter company and they give in any medium.


The Customer Agreement may be terminated, in addition to the grounds provided by law by law, for the following:

a) The termination, for any reason, Arcos of Graba in the continuity of business or principal business, substantially altering the nature of your business, liquidation or orderly shutdown;

b) any event of force majeure which prevented the fulfillment of all or a substantial part of the obligations of Arcos de Graba for a continuous period of fifteen days from the date on which that obligation should have been made;

c) Repeated failure of a party of any term or condition of the Contract and such breach has not been cured within fifteen days from the notification of the same, or

d) For the unilateral will of the Customer, which may unsubscribe from the service at any time.

To terminate the contractual relationship by the Client must complete the withdrawal procedure as a Client.

End its contract, Arcos de Graba shall block all personal data of the Customer and the conservation of the remaining data for the legally established deadlines. During that period Arcos de Graba not make use of such data, except for the purposes provided by law. Finished these periods, there will be removing them.


The applicable law in case of dispute or difference in interpretation of the terms that make any of the documents comprising the Contract and any matter relating to the website, will be Spanish law.

For the resolution of any disputes that may arise in connection with the visit and navigate through, and Arcos de Graba and Customer agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the Customer, provided that it is located Spanish territory. In case of a legal person, the Parties agree to submit to the Courts of Madrid.


Change of ownership. Unless otherwise agreed, will remain the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship in the event that any of the companies of Arcos de Graba, is acquired by a third display is cleaved or immersed in any other commercial reorganization, without prejudice to the right at all times Customer attends unsubscribe.

Assignment. The Agreement and the rights and obligations assumed by Customer hereunder are not transferable and may be subject to assignment to any third party without the express prior written permission of Arcos de Graba.

Force Majeure. Arcos de Graba is not responsible for the delay in performance or breach of the obligations assumed by it in the contract when it is due to force majeure, among which are found, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, closures , governmental orders, fires, explosions.

Integrity. If any part of the Contract is declared totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffectual and the Contract on everything else. Paragraph or part thereof resulting void or unenforceable will be replaced by one whose purpose is, as far as possible, identical to that intended by paragraph or part of it replaced without incurring, in turn, in nullity.

Notifications. Customer notifications are made through the last e-mail or regular mailing address provided by the Customer, as applicable, at the option of Arcos de Graba. Customer is responsible for maintaining current and up to date e-mail and postal records to locate by Arcos de Graba.

Priority. The Special Conditions, if any, take precedence over the General Conditions of Use

Disclaimer. The fact that either party to require performance at any of the other paragraphs of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of his rights. No waiver with respect to any violation of the Terms of Service shall constitute waiver of another and / or subsequent violation.


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